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Author Message
And a August 22 2020 look back at a video I threw together in sometime 2009 called
( think "mystery of the maltese falcon)

Its 1934 and times are tough in the Depression era Dragon Dominion of Canada.Hope might rest with the offworlder dragons and their futuristic/archaic
PSI Kinetic Tractors ,transdimensional craft that resemble a cross between the outer towered walls of a medieval castle and a paddlewheeler.However as unemployed dockworker Dragoniade trudges home he's probably thinking more about the eastern dragonlady agents
provocateur,Russian dragons sent by Stalin and recently
tough goings on in Teutonic-Germany with its recent burning of
the Reichstag and the seizure of power.

So along comes a offworlder craft that plunks in the harbour thoroughly drenching the surprised dockworker.
Out comes the Prince of Aragon and his mad Chanceller
Fafnir and before you can say "Abra Cadabra" a
Necklace of Change is placed around the surprised Dragoniades neck.
Dragoniade now looks like Prince of Aragon and the Prince
of Aragon now looks like Dragoniade.

The offworlders quickly hustle the changed Dragoniade
into the depths of their castle-ship whilst the disguised
Prince,a convicted criminal,is sprung loose to wreak havoc
on a unsuspecting Earth dragon civilization(s)

Once the offworlders have got the changed Dragoniade
out of sight of prying Earth dragon eyes they take off the
Necklace of Change and look him in the brig before marching off to deal with other problems the
PSI Kinetic Tractor is developing in her transdimensional
propulsion systems.

Well the brig already contains two other prisoners of the
the Canadian Dragon Secret Service agents Fredrika Boothby codenamed The Lady and her brother
Bernard Boothby,codenamed The Rum Runner.

In between banter about CDSS adventures the three Earth dragons discuss the important matter of escaping from the brig.It seems Fredrika and Bernard were tailing a
oriental dragon agent named Pearl Lady and they suspect she's aboard the offworlder ship and might have placed a
sabatoge device in order to cripple it and force it to land on
some remote China Sea island,where her country's scientists can learn its secrets.

So the three in the brig hatch a plan to break free.
Fredrika puts on a Earth built Necklace of Change and
shapeshifts into a more alluring dragoness shape to attract the offworlder guard.

In the big lumbering offworlder dragon comes,trips over a
line stretched across the floor by Dragoniade and the Rum Runner and knocks himself out.

The three Earth dragons flee the brig and are racing up the ramp when Pearl Lady's device goes off and the
PSI Kinetic Tractor loses her lift and plunges back towards
presumably above a certain China Sea isle where
the orientals eagerly await the chance to learn more about the offworlder transdimensional ship.
Here is a missing scene of the young teenage girl from my previous Weredragon video. In this scene she bursts through the door into her bathroom whilst suffering from her painful, ghastly, monstrous Weredragon transformation.

It was not seen in the video because I must have forgotten to put it in when I was converting all my other finished images into a full video for Youtube.
It was made between 2 scenes; when the girl is walking up the stairs while losing her hair (BEFORE) and when she is looking at her hideous, mutated dragon form in the mirror (AFTER).

Made on Microsoft Powerpoint.

All property and rights of Microsoft Powerpoint owned by Microsoft Corporation.

Part 1 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 2 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 3 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 4 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 5 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 6 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 7 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 8 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 9 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 10 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 11 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 12 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 13 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 14 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 15 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 16 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 17 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 18 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 19 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 20 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 21 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 22 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 23 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 24 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 25 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 26 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 27 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 28 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 29 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 30 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 31 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 32 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 33 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 34 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 35 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 36 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…
Part 37 - jefferyjonathan.deviantart.com…

So its a few years since Angus Relic the disability dragon made off
with Thomas Edison's Audioamplitude Horn

On the left Ed the Thunderbird punches in the time clock before going to the assembly
line to make
Word Catching Cage Hats

Angus,who uses the WCCH as a field agent.has the tool of his trade in that wooden box
he's holding.

Meanwhile Alana the Angel-Unicorn,has strapped on a pair of thunderbird wings
to fool everyone into thinking she's just another
thunderbird bluecollar worker making WCCH's
whereas in reality she's spying on the enemy
As in title
Haven't a clue.Though I do have a DragonCrypt dvd ( ~ 550mb)
and a Hoare Fang dvd(~250mb) that I try to unload every now and then when
I'm in a community spirited mood.

One thing I learned from the latest exercise in public apathy is to transport
the thing as a .avi file,rather then as individual screencaps.
If the other party has a video editor that can save a .avi as its
component parts,a series of jpeg images,the other side can extract the
screencaps from the .avi file they recieved

As for Dragon Crypt?
A project I devised in early 2006 where I used a charcoal pencil,paper and a
scanner to create a series of cels (about 6 to 16 per run) that could
be put together to assemble simple animations running at 3 - 5 fps

Since it took about 1 minute for that scanner to scan one altered cel,the notion of 'professional
quality' 15 - 30 fps animations wasn't a concept I wasn't touching with a
10 foot pole.

Notion was that others could download my cels,alter them and upload them to a
public domain cel archive so that the tf community could produce its
own animated mini-movies

Earlier this year I revived the idea and repackaged the Dragon Crypt files
into a leaner more organized Hoare Fang.
Main advance this time was I toyed with actually making the
scripts others could use to take the cels and little multisecond animation clips
to assemble a mini-movie.

This one even included the dvd image for the Hoar Fang disk

Pleased to announce the birth of Public Cel Animation
on March 25 2013

for further info and volunteering opportunities
Larry Barron
knot_disclosed ( at ) yahoo.com
( guardian of the 2006 PCA base files )

KISS explanation

A internet based Mechanno/American Erector
set consisting of public domain/general Public
Licence jpeg images,series of animation cels,
.avi's,.wav audio files and the scripts needed to
tell others how to assemble all those bits and pieces
into 1 - 3 minute animated shorties ( mini-movies,skits)

A internet volunteer community that
upload/download and contribute to the Mechanno set
and make the animated shorties,write the scripts,alter
the public domain files to make them fit the
scripts ( and vice versa )

more advanced issues

The animated shorties would likely have jerky
animation,video tracks that might not show the scene
the audio that goes with it describes,mish mash of artistic
styles in the video tracks and audio tracks going from
"John Wayne " to "Mickey Mouse" in mid conversation
( IOW a 'motley' animation style )

Over time the Public Cel Animation gets bigger and
better as people volunteer their skills to marketing,
communications,administration and cataloging,producers
directors,choreographers,graphic artists,etc

contact point
Larry Barron ( a real person in the USA
with the internet capabilities required to make PCA work)
knot_disclosed ( at ) yahoo.com

Morwa Lugi
morwalugi ( at ) yahoo.com
Transformation Nation Town Crier

" Hear ye Hear ye Hear ye"
" Long Live the King and Queen"

RFP # 2013-2303
Request For Proposals
Open Source Public Cel TF Animation Archive

Tender submissions to
Larry Barron

Back in 2006 when it looked like the tf community would be facing
a shortage of tf themed video material ( the dormancy of the
ShadowLord site,etc)
The Founder
figured the solution was for the
tf community to make its own amateur tf themed movies.
The Founder
played around with Charcoal-mation to mass
produce cels that others could upload/download
and fiddle about with as the base for a
"Open Source Public Cel TF Animation Archive"

Note the word "base",theory being other amateur
actors,editors,choreographers would eventually
contribute to grow the thing and start banging out
short 1 to 3 minute animated shorties.

The Founder
was building "TF Hollywood" and not
surprisingly it didn't pan out.Creative burnout.
However by the fall of 2006
The Founder
had about 250 to 550 MB
worth of short 3-60 second video tracks,thousands of cels that made
them and audio f/x files,music files and odds and ends from
that project lying about on a cd-rom

So after the creative flameout
The Founder
fled from that cd-rom as
quickly as possible,and
" Open Source Public Cel TF Animation Archive"
went on hold

Come 2013 the folks who do TSA Bash talked about Mako
premiering his new work "Paradox Alice " at the San Antonio,Texas
2013 Bash

So if you're going to make 2013 Bash about tf movies,
why not make it a
"TF International Film Festival" ?

knot_disclosed liked that idea and also learned of the existence of the
long lost cd-rom and the project it was part of
"Open Source Public Cel TF Animation Archive"

So,after about $9.99 in postage,envelopes,a General Public
Licence granting the public the right to do what they jolly well
please with the thousands of cels and video tracks,and the usual
sundry materials,the base for the
" Open Source Public Cel Animation Archive" now resides
somewhere in the USA with


However since to make animated shorties requires
marketing,artists,audio editors,video editors,voice actors,
scriptwriters,DVD cover makers,spin doctors,cel and
clip choreographers ( "Time Lords and Time Ladies " ),
general creative input

obviously the cels and video tracks from the 2006 project
would require a major effort by amateurs to hammer into
a animated shorty up to exacting standards of the


One rather major ingredient for such mini-movies
would be scripts,which is what the thread was originally

However since such a project is beyond the capability
on one amateur,contributions in marketing,scriptwriting,etc
are welcome

the "Open Source Public Cel Animation Archive"
resides with

Larry Barron

The Founder

So about a month ago I sent

about 250Mb of cels and clips,music,sound effects and video/audio editing shareware
on one cd and about 550Mb of jumbled up ruins from a earlier
project on another cd.

As I understood it he planned to make those files publicly available via torrent,and also burn a few dvd's for the
tsabash in San Antonio this year.

So ideally to make the idea he and I had fly ( the tf community making
its own animated shorties,both tf and not,you'd need script writers making
dialog,placing the music,sound effects and video clips along a timeline or
storyboard ( a recipe book for amateur filmmakers)

So if anyone wants to play at it,you can contact knot_disclosed and see how things
are progressing


I also sent him the updated concepts for a Land Sailer class iron hulled dragon
boat named S.S. Hoare Fang,since some of the earlier animations showed this craft moving about.

A land sailer is a submarine looking boat crewed with anthro-dragons,with humans and feral
dragons mixed in there in a sort of 1910 British passenger line class society.

A land sailer takes her water with her and can travel on land and water.
On land of course all that water under the hull needs to stick with the boat or dangerous things happen
such as "Disaster in Prarie Town " where the land sailor can bump into grain elevators

The clips are as follows in the Hoare Fang cd

Hoare Fang

Motif Title and Description

005 aliens and minaturized submarines in
a pre ww1 submarine inside a body ,a
helmetted diver breating air bubbles,a
sphere and its escort passes in the
background in front of a beating heart

010 Cellular transformation

015 corsetted woman screams

020 cylinder turning phonograph

025 Devil turns robed woman into nude man

030 dragon bursts thru roof

035 dragon flaps wings

040 dragon tf close inside windowed room

045 dragon tf closer inside windowed room

050 dragons head flickers tongue

055 experimental photos and models

060 falling man turns into dragon

065 falling trunk from tower into schooner

070 Frost Fang by avi and by cel number

075 Frost Fang the Reluctant Dragon drawing

080 going snouty in front of dragonsegg caverns

085 woman grows close inside windowed room

090 guitar gertie does the striptease drawing

095 Living Lizard

100 running woman turns into bosomy dragon

105 sea serpent hoare fang underway

110 a sea serpent sinks or its capsized
hull bobs in the waves

115 snaky human into a dragon's dragon

120 steam buckboard wagon and train

125 Views of the Settings
a) Hoarefang Tower island
b)SS Hoare Fang side view
c)SS Hoare Fang aerial view
d)Hoarefang Tower with dragon

130 waves against submerged ships figurehead

135 western dragon breathes fire

140 whipping rope beside man in front of
dragonsegg caverns

145 woman closes then opens mouth in front
of a mirror in a room

150 woman in roomlistens to a cylinder
phonograph player in front of the
Bloody August Mirror

155 various charcoal-mation cels of womans
morphing form

160 Wreck of the Sea Serpente
SS Hoare Fangs ancestor runs up on the
rocks in distant shots.The mere dragon passengers
and crew flee the wreck,some not successfully.The
dead mere-dragons return to their true feral dragon
shapes..A feral dragon appears on the wrecks
conning tower and communicates to the huddled
masses .A deal is made.The rocks rise and the
wreck comes above the deadly waters.

and the original script backstory I'd dreamed up went like this

"assume for this script that Hoare Fang
is the afterlife for a sea serpente passenger
liner wrecked long long ago and far far away.
Hence she sails through a unformed universe
and is a world onto herself in this otherworldy
chaos or endless ocean.All the other
settings,the island with the tower,the church
are all somehow within this ghostly liner.
She and her original crew and
passengers are doomed to this eternal wandering,
unless like Ebeneezer Scrooge,they can save the
Lost Souls,doomed loves,etc of the worlds.
In the Promenade only one film plays on the
rickety old projector,the final moments of
Hoare Fang.The film always breaks just before
cel se014 in clip m160.That film won't get to the
'Redemption" part (cels se 014 to se027 unless
a good deed is done"
An arthouse film done in 2009,spent the next few years in post-production
and was shown at Exeter in April of this year

"princess into a dragon" at Youtube should pull up a clip
titled "The Wicked/Evil Stepmother turns the princess into a dragon"
by the Chagford Film Group
a recent entry by JJPowerpoint
on Youtube

nerdy girl into raging dragon-beast
So I've pitched two earlier shows to CBC radio with the expected

No. 3 will probably go the way of the other two.However I realized
that for the first time the Canadians who will run and participate in
the bicentennial have been being born since about 2005 or thereabouts.
The terrible twos,the toddler 3-4's and the fumbling 5's just happen to be
around at the same time the folk who ran and participated in the first Centennial
are still alive.

By 2067 todays smart ass teens and twenty somethings will be drooling old farts
in old age homes,not really of importance by 2067.

So what I suggested to CBC radio is its never too early to prepare for the
BiCentennial,as what you entertain the kiddies with in 2010/2011 will be recalled
fondly and perhaps have a influence on what the late 50/60 somethings do in 2067.

When I was a young un,all I had to worry about was the ghost of a headless woman,
whilst todays toddlers have got internet porn,army guys in womens lingerie,etc

the notion that guys in lingerie could have a long lasting reach on what goes on in 2067
seems rather repellant,so in the pitch i effectively ignored current internet cultural values
and settled on the 'ghost',or in this case a dragon conversing in rhyme,rhyme that has double
" I do plan to get more TF sketch done for Fur Fright. This will be a change to what I find online. There's much satisfaction there."

A question to muse over

Who in 2110AD ( a century from now) do you want to possess
those ink and paper (I'll assume) fur fright drawings?
Should anyone get this dvd,I'd suggest getting the 2 disc special edition.
This is a multilayered film and you really need the 2nd disc of commentary
( about as long as the movie itself) to clue into much of the depth of the movie.
otherwise it'll just seem like
Free Willy X Eragon
at first glance

( eg
in the deleted radio scene the announcer subtitles read something like
...scales of justice....besieged fortress....the firestorm....crept forward...

and you realize the script writer snuck "a nazi dragon attacking the castle"

in his script
Impression I have is that the Transfur admin has figured out that the artsts are
incapable of producing advancing tf art anymore.He's got a real life to live,and doesn't
want to waste anymore of his time playing the Quality Nazi when its clear the
TF Art creatives have slipped into reruns.

He's essentially saying "I quit.Do what you like."
'old school'

if i had to explain why 4-8 year olds can imagine
themselves as another character ) transformation without actual transformation)
i'd say its based on developing a young childs empathy for use in later life
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