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Codec Choice - Pool  XML
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Which format should I use for clips.
Xvid in AVI (Picture 1) 18% [ 5 ]
h264 in AVI (Picture 2) 39% [ 11 ]
h264 in MP4 (Picture 3) 43% [ 12 ]
Total Votes : 28
Author Message
Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 02/09/2008 21:03:21
Messages: 129
Location: Longueuil

I've come to a dilemma.

Until now, all clips uploaded on the site were in AVI format, using a common MPEG4-2 video codec, akaa (DivX 3.11, DivX 5.11 or xVid) and an Mp3 audio codec.

During my vacation, I've been tweaking with DVD and re-encoding older clip with the true aspect ratio and resolution. Watching some of the encoding results, I've been doubting using the same old codec. However, migrating isn't an easy step. Most clips now are using MPEG4-10, also better known as H264. FanSubber should be familiar with it.

The problem is, hold AVI don't like that new format when it's used to it's full potential and ask for another container. Those are the famous MP4 and MKV files. There's also a AVI codec for h264, but less powerful as the native h264.

I've encoded 3 clips and here a screen shot from for each of them.
Xvid in Avi codec, encoded with VirtualDub. The current codec used for my clips.

h264 in Avi codec, encoded with VirtualDub. A potential new candidate

h264 in MP4 codec, encoded with ffmpeg. A potential new candidate

h264 in AVI is the easiest to migrate to. Virtualdub support it, there's no extra step to take. All my scripting factories can easily support it.
h264 in MP4 is the worst. An intermediate file must be created in Virtualdub (for logo and all pre-processing), then encoded in MP4 by ffmpeg. More trouble and current my scripting doesn't allow multi programs.

So, which one seem more suitable? Personally, I would say h264 in AVI, even though it's considered legacy. But considering the lack of good encoding / editing software supporting mp4 / mkv, I prefer support a legacy format with tools than a "your on your own sucker" format. And I don't know how many people can play H264.

The screenshots are a Dragon Transformation from the Mummy :Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. The resolution is 864x368, to support true 2.4 anamorphism while optimizing the resolution.

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Joined: 16/11/2008 16:26:42
Messages: 1

I say of the 3 the last one looks sharpest to me, but not by enough to be worth the extra hassle. I say just keep with the easiest one since atleast to my bad eyes they seems close to me

Joined: 08/11/2008 12:12:08
Messages: 3

Seriously... whatever is easiest for you. Yes, the third choice looks the best, but not by a huge margin, and both of the others are perfectly watchable.

Joined: 15/10/2009 16:00:44
Messages: 1

i say the 3rd picture is the sharpest, and clearest out of them all, but it doesnt really matter, just whatever is the easiest for you...

Joined: 09/01/2009 17:51:16
Messages: 1

Yeah, Picture #3 seems to have the best quality (And I think that it's a lossless format?), but since it seems too difficult to work with, it's probably best to go with h264 in AVI.

Joined: 16/02/2009 11:39:42
Messages: 11

Picture number 3 to me too but I think its up to you.
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