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Ancient Wyrm

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Duplicated on my Live Journal.

It's less than than 6 days before I jump over another decade. Time sure fly by when you keep yourself busy. I wonder if this one will be different than the previous ones. I've been seeing people left and right giving celebration to others. I hope thing will be different this time, or if my theory will be proven. Though I have my old ghosts to deal with regarding this.

One thing this nostalgia reminded me, were all the books about transformation I went through when I was a teen. Some of those are the well known Fighting Fantasy series. I used to go through them at the library only to locate which one had transformation in them. This is sort of why I added the book section to the site. But since they were from the library, I never got my hands on a book to keep for myself. Only the excerpt of the transformations, and a list of book.

Until now. Some time ago, someone posted a compilation of the transformation in the Fighting Fantasy series. Last week, I pulled that list and compared it to my own list, adding the missing entries, removing the duplicating and finding the right title compared to mines, since my list was based in the french publication of those books. This also made me realize that some good Transformation publication were only available in french, like the Metamorphose series (Metamorphosis). As the name implied, it's FILLED with transformations and transformations is the main plot of the, sadly incomplete, series.

I've ordered a few books, which are arriving. But a lot of those are quite old and hard to find. So, if anyone have access to any of those book, from their neighborhood old bookstores, or their personal collection, and can have them for a FAIR price, let me know. I would be interested in completing my collection.

Also, if you happen to know of any extra books I could add to this list, let me know, with the series it belong to, it's publication number and title. I know Eala posted a few years back a scan of a transformation theme Goosebumps adventure book, so there must be other outside of the Fighting Fantasy format.

Here's my list so far, with what I own. Any help would be appreciated

Fighting Fantasy (Puffin Books)
3: The Forest Of Doom
8: Scorpion Swamp
16: Seas Of Blood (OWNED)
19: Demons Of The Deep (OWNED)
25: Beneath Nightmare Castle (OWNED)
26: Crypt Of The Sorceror
29: Midnight Rogue (OWNED)
33: Sky Lord (OWNED)
36: Armies Of Death (OWNED)
37: Portal Of Evil (OWNED)
38: Vault Of The Vampire (OWNED)
42: Black Vein Prophecy (OWNED)
48: Moonrunner
49: Siege Of Sardath (OWNED)
53: Spellbreaker
57: Magehunter
58: Revenge Of The Vampire

Fighting Fantasy (Wizard Books)
8: The Forest Of Doom (OWNED)
13: Sorcery! 3: The Seven Serpents (OWNED)
14: Armies of Death
15: Sorcery! 4: The Crown of Kings (OWNED)
21: The Eye of the Dragon (OWNED)
28: Spellbreaker (OWNED)
29: Howl of the Werewolf (OWNED)

Steve Jackson's Sorcery
3: The Seven Serpents
4: The Crown of Kings

Clash Of The Princes
2: The Warrior's Way

The Cretan Chronicles
3: Return Of The Warrior

8: The Floating City

Défis et Sortilèges
1: Caïthness l'élémentaliste ??????
2: Keldrilh le ménestrel ??????
3: Péreim le chevalier
4: Kandjar le magicien ??????
5: Les Héritiers de Dorgan ??????
6: Le Sanctuaire des Horlas ??????
7: La Huitième porte ??????
8: L'Ultime réincarnation ??????

1: L'Homme aux cent visages (OWNED)
2: L'Oracle de Balkh (OWNED)

La saga du prêtre Jean
1: La forteresse d'ALAMUTH

Golden Dragon Fantasy Gamebooks
1: Crypt of the Vampire ??????
2: The Temple of Flame
3: The Lord of Shadow Keep ??????
4: Curse of the Pharaoh ??????
5: Castle of Lost Souls ??????
6: The Eye of the Dragon

Dungeons & Dragons: Endless Quest
4: Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons ??????
15: Under Dragon's Wing
13: The Dragon's ransom ??????

Star Challenge
1: Planets in Peril

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Well, there's the Animorphs series of books. In fact, here's a link to their publisher's page, complete with all of the covers(and the TFs) on the front. Just scroll down a little(the book series is over 50, and everyone one of them has a TF description, so me listing them all would be a bit overboard) : http://www.scholastic.com/animorphs/games/pix.htm

Also(one of my favorites), there is the book "The Monster's Ring", which contains decent B&W illustrations(no real mid-TF illustrations, though), as well as TF descriptions for his "monstrous changes" : ISBN 0671644416

I also place up for mention the Strange Forces selection of the Strange Matter series. In the first three of the four books of that sub-series I have read, they involve TFs into various monstrous creatures(such as a gargoyle or thunderbird). The main series has a few TFs, but those are not consistent(although the few are well-described). The ISBNs(and the TF in each) for all are as follows :
#7 Fly The Unfriendly Skies : Girl into water sphere - 1567140424
#14 Plant People : Man into plant monster - 156714053X
#25 Splitting Image : Boys into various monsters - 1567140815
Strange Forces #1 - 1567140572
Strange Forces #2 - 1567140602
Strange Forces #3 - 1567140866
Strange Forces : The Last Buru(is likely to contain TF, but I have not read it yet) - 1567140874
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