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Might as well apply the Conservor Method to art creation
not to mention everything else

A 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of photo copy paper folded in half and scanned
in at 75 dpi yields a image roughly 640 x 480 dpi.Thus in a video editor
set to produce a 640 x 480 video clip theres no need to
alter the electronic any further.

If you're saving paper matter in large envelopes,save the ones
you get in the mail from business's and reuse them rather then going to
Staples and spending 10 - 25 cents on a new 9 x 12 envelopes.

If you're photocopying the art for personal use,get on the mailing list
of Notices to Mariners and request a paper version.The paper version
has about 1/3 of the 50 or so sheets being printed on one side,leaving the
other side for reuse.And the sheets work well in a HP 2020 AiO.At about
$5 for a 500 pack of copy paper,that'll save 10-20 cents.And the Notices
were free last time I looked.

If you have a stack of old postage that wasn't date stamped and hence is still
useable sans glue,a bit of flour,salt and water make a reasonable glue paste.

Assuming postal rules haven't changed,it used to be the policy
of Canada Post to send tax returns ontp Revenue Canada regardless
of whether it had correct or any postage on it.

And if you want to send your art to your Member of Parliament
the letters are postage free.
(and for people complaining no ones making their kind of art,may I
suggest the following layout?
OP probably should have offered a explanation for why
no ones doing that type of art and why we should give
a damn about possible solutions to the percieved problem.

Why are artists only doing shitty versions of the
Turner-Goya 1811 masterpiece
"Lambe and Percy Feeding Their Flock"

As we all know in 1810 Turner braved the
British blockade and Napoleonic forces so he
could meet Goya in Madrid with a proposal.
"Hey Frank,How'd ya like to team up with me
to do a painting?"

"Oh Yeah,bring it on "said Goya and the two
artists high 5'd it and decided to do the scene
where Reverend Lambe ,his daughter Philadephia
and Bishop Percy discover the "Laidly Worm o
Spindleston Haughs " ancient scrolls in a blocked
up cave where they'd been hidden 9 centuries
earlier along a rocky promotory overlooking
Eyemouth Harbour.

So the two artists pulled off their jackets,rolled
up their sleeves and got to work on this 9foot by
33 foot masterpiece of the ages.

Naturally word got around to the other artists and its
rumoured the French guy who did
"The Assassination of Robspierre " got a special
escort from the Emperor himself to lend a helping
hand to the other two.

There were the usual duels,fist fights,boozing into
the night as they struggled to bring the Percy Lambe
to perfection,but in the end it was done

Philadephia is seen crawling out of the cave,the scrolls
held forth to her eager dad,whilst behind Lambe stands
Percy,robes fluttering in the sea winds whilst holding
onto that hats of his so it doesn't blow away.Down below
we see the village of Eyemouth,with a small scene of
Lambe holding the scrolls aloft in a "I have returned"
pose surrounded by the grateful smugglers and
privateers(who need the tourists) and the Sun shines
gently upon the village like Gods own blessing.

So reasons modern artists don't do the Percy Lambe
right anymore

-they're a bit clueless on the Percy Lambe and its
depicted historical event?

-it would cost a fortune to reproduce it on the internet?

-they no longer possess the skills the old tymers had?

-they're waiting for the up front $1,000 downpayment on the
$100,000 commission fee?

Reasons people should give a damn

-the George Bush Iraq War Memorial fund is offering $10,000
grants to ex soldiers who do art in the "Tradition'

--The Afghan Womens Benevolence Society is doing a major
Hollywood blockbuster on Turner,Goya and the Percy Lambe.

-plenty of cross marketing /promotional potential

Solutions to possible problems modern artists might have in
doing a good job.

Problem 1
Solution 1

Problem 2
Solution 2

Problem 3
Solution 3

Any other solutions?

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