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Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 02/09/2008 21:03:21
Messages: 132
Location: Longueuil

I don't know if I'm the only one who think that way, but I've always found pathetic the kind of person that would add you to their friend list, then ask you to do the same. The kind of person without real friends and who try to get as much online "friend" to brag about being popular, or give themselves that sentiment.

Well, I got that kind of behavior last Monday.

Some guy, we all know who it is by the title, messaged me asking me if he was on his contact list, since he added me to his.
The reason of all this: I wasn't talking to him. But when I told him why I wasn't talking to him, the sad guy took offense, playing the offended virgin and preferred playing ostrich. If my memory is right, it's the purpose of a site owner to maintain order in it, not leave anarchy reign rampant. But when he was confronted to that, the reason why he was no longer in my list to prevent the constant personal attack, he puts the blame on me. I should accept insult. If you don't like being bullied, it's because you have no backbone. If I want to be left alone, I should be more friendly to the people who libeled me? Seriously, what kind of fascist mentality is that? You have to obey the ruler and his disciple, or be eliminated?

After that incident, I asked him to remove me from his site. Guess what, he refused. Strangely, he did remove another member, some time ago, when, she too, refused to play his game. I even talked to her and she found the who story sad, on his end.

Got to say, up to this day, Lorekeep (oups), is still refusing to delete my account to his "Male supremacy, female submission through TF" group. His reason: Freedom of speech.
Seriously, how does freedom of speech has to do about deleting my account. He did however delete Mir account (oups) when she asked him. He also banned others for not taking his side on argument. Strange mentality for someone who promote "freedom of speech" or should we say, "Freedom of supporting Lorekeep"

Hopefully, this will help having my account deleted.

[Thumb - Lorekeep_Denial.png]
 Filename Lorekeep_Denial.png [Disk] Download
 Description His response when I tried to get myself banned instead of deleted.
 Filesize 85 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  1506 time(s)

 Filename LorekeepTim_Jerk.txt [Disk] Download
 Description Chat log with a "friend" collector
 Filesize 2 Kbytes
 Downloaded:  1768 time(s)

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