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Contest Entry-What Your Auntie Never Told You About Cursed Amulets  XML
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Joined: 04/09/2008 13:24:03
Messages: 44

(I'll deal with the spelling and grammar issues another day,its late and we'll
be leaving the house soon)

What Your Auntie Never Told
You About Cursed Amulets

By Morwa Lugi Copywrite 2008

It was another day another dollar for gumshoe Phillipe "Dragoniade"
Lusignan.Times were tough,this was the Dirty Thirties.

Parliament had been dissolved and Stephen Mackenzie:
leader of the National Trappers,Farmers and Conservatives
Party,and his estranged older brother Mackenzie King:
leader of the Liberal Party,were duking it out in a bitter
election that had more to do with their family issues
then the worries of the common Canadian.

Into this volatile mix had come Phillipe
Lusignan,who was secretly a distant relative of the
ghostly Dragon Princess Melusina.

A few years back a eccentric Norman
aunt had bequeathed to her nephew a cursed
necklace,the Necklace of Aragorn.Naturally Phillipe
did not realize the Necklace was cursed,and his
dying aunt,whose name was Countess Danielle
Phantome,had her reasons for keeping Phillipe
in the dark on the 'ahem'unusual side effects
the Necklace would have on his mortal form should
it be activated while he wore it.

Now Phillipe had taken a shine to Stephen McKenzies
daughter,the Lady Elidia.He had decided to propose
marriage to her,and give her that junker necklace at the
same time.

Alas,this was not to be.For Stephens brother
Mackenzie had other plans for his brothers daughter.
He had hired Professor Moriarty to kidnap the Lady
Elidia,so that his brother,grief stricken,would
toss the election to get his kidnapped daughter back.

It was Jean Baptiste Day and Professor Moriarty cackled
and rubbed his hands to stay warm in the cold
cockpit of the zeppelin airship he had hired to
kidnap Lady Elidia.

Finding unemployed ex-soldiers to crew the
zeppelin had been fairly easy.The hatred between the
two brothers had seeped into the soul of the nation and
whereas the soldiers had sided with Mackenzie,the
air boys had sided with Stephen.

(As usual,the Quebecois played to whatever party
would give Quebec the biggest cash handout
to the farmers.)

Whilst Phillipe dozed on the job,the Lady Elidia stood
beside her dad whilst the old man slammed his fists hard
on someones camera,smashing it to demonstrate what
a vote to his brother would do to Canada.

The clattering and tinkle of broken glass woke
up Phillipe Lusignan,who immediately reached to
his side for his expensive 1929 Autoflex Otis 100
camera.It wasn't there.

Phillipe looked in the direction of the angrily
shouting Stephen ,just in time to see him take what
was left of Phillipes camera and smash it to flinders
on the pork barrel in front of Lady Elidia.Who shrieked.

Naturally Phillipes shock turned to anger and his
face reddened as he looked at the bits of camera
mirror littering the barrel.

The jewel in the Necklace of Aragorn
that the gumshoe wore under his tattered Sears Roebuck
outfit began to glow.

Before the horrified eyes of the onlooking
trappers and farmers,and especially Lady Elidia
and her dad,the glow from the Necklace spread to
the rest of Phillipe Lusignans body.

His form began to swell,alter and shift as
his skin began to turn blue,green dragons horns
spiralled out of his flattening head and his angry
grey eyes turned into the flaming slitted red orbs
of a ghostly dragon.

Wings burst out of his back,a tail snaked out
and with a
"click zee click zee click zee click zee click zee click zee"
Phillipe had turned into a monstrously huge
dragoness.(That was the curious side effect Auntie
Danielle Phantome had neglected to mention whilst
she lay dying)

This had all been occurring whilst Professor Moriarty
and his zeppelin had been thundering down the
length of Lake Labarge,with mile high towering
cliffs on either side and no maneuvering room.

The evil doers had planned to race into the political
storm raiser,drop a ladder out of the cockpit and have
one of their bravest dangle from the bottom of
the swinging rope as the zeppelin passed over
Stephen McKenzie and the fair Lady Elidia.

So imagine the look of horror and dismay
that came over the dangling aeronaut when he suddenly saw
one of the bystanders beside his target turn into a
roaring ill tempered dragoness spitting out gouts of
flame and acid in the air.

The brave hearty crossed himself when
the beast took notice of him and openned her huge toothy
maw,ready to snatch him off the ladder
that was rapidly approaching her.

The brave but unlucky in choosing his sides
young man closed his eyes and prepared to die.

So he never got to see his lips and the 'lips'
of the dragoness Phillipa Blood-Wurm hurtle at
each another at ninety numbing knots.

However everyone else was all eyes and saw
their lips make contact with a squelching

The astounded onlookers saw the brave hearty pass
through the head and body of the dragoness,taking
with him the Necklace of Aragorn as he passed through

The zeppelin thundered away,and when the brave
young man climbed back up the ladder into the
cockpit on shaky legs,Professor Moriarty took
the interesting supernatural Necklace from him
and noted the name "Phillipa Blood-Worm "
inscribed on the back.

Meanwhile,back on the shores of Lake LaBarge,the
farmers and trappers had watched the huge blue ghostly
dragoness shrink back into the form of her unconscious
hosthillipe Lusignan.

Lady Elidia,sensing the weirdness of the situation
wanted nothing more to do with this weird dude.

Her dad Stephen however,sensing a photo op,pushed
his daughter into the arms of the stirring
Dragon Princess (Wo)Man and stood proudly beside
the two as the flashbulbs began to snap away.


Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 02/09/2008 21:03:21
Messages: 128
Location: Longueuil

I'm afraid you haven't really read the contest rules.

I don't see anything media related as either the theme or the transformation. Only some melted pot mixed historic names
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Joined: 04/09/2008 13:24:03
Messages: 44

So something like

Phillipe,scrawny Wisconsin nerd had spent the previous month wearing a
bra and panties forced on him by Butch the High School jock.
In desperation he makes a deal that will get him off the hook
if he'll go into the womens clothing store dressed as a girl and
buy a size V yellow T shirt.Just for further humiliation,Butch
force Phillipe to wear this yellow necklace the Costa Rican beauty gave to him
for safekeeping.
Phillipe does as he's told but a girl gets to the only size V yellow T shirt
remaining on the shelf.Phillipe blows his cool,turns into a dragon ghost
and stomps about the mall belowing "I want Teeeeee"
Danny Phantom sails in,clobbers the beast and the necklace
flies off into a bag containing a size V yellow T shirt dropped by a
pancking girl as she ran away from the big blue dragon.Phillipe,
returned to normal finds the bag and lives happily ever after.

2)Phillipa mason is a girl.Not a hir,drag queen or any number of other
weird people out there.Her rival the Costa Rican beauty,has discovered
that wearing tight clinging clothing over her feminine figure has a certain
effect on the boys.She's the Porn Queen of Wisconsin High.
During some Parent Student Teacher dance at the school Delores the
Porn Queen steals away Phillipa Masons heartthrob Danny Phantom.
Theres the inevitable confrontation in the girls room and Delores
gives Phillipa a necklace,telling her it can't help her any because she's
a loser.So whilst Delores walks away behind her Miss P Mason blows
her cool and turns into a ticked off big blue dragoness that keeps
bellowing "shallow Porn girl,shallow Porn girl"
and sails out onto the dance floor carrying the unconscious
Delores in its big meaty forepaws.
Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 02/09/2008 21:03:21
Messages: 128
Location: Longueuil

I knew it wouldn't take long before one of the process red neck would come to troll here...

First and only warning. More personal attack like this one and it's a ban. This is not the place to attack the site owners nor do political trash.

The funniest though, is that yours truly, a *french* Canadian is capable of composing better texts in English than some sort of defective Square Head.
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Joined: 04/09/2008 13:24:03
Messages: 44

Episode 2 Parental Bonding
Danny Phantom television series 2004 season

TF 1 Pauline tf's in the mall

tf 2 Sam Mason tf'd in the girls room in the high school

If people writng stories INSPIRED by the Danny Phantom canon get nailed
and people writing you into the actual episodes tf'd character get called
"Process Trolls" yadda yadda yadda

your contest is doomed

All I did was do a scene description of the events in Parental Bonding
substituting you for Sam Mason and Pauline.
pretty well word for word by the Parental Bonding synopsis

Ancient Wyrm

Joined: 02/09/2008 21:03:21
Messages: 128
Location: Longueuil

ok. after reading it a 3rd time with a calmer mind, and asking 3 other people their interpretation, I have a comeback to make.

When I make a blatant mistake, I'll face consequence to it (something that furries don't). In that case, I apologies for jumping to conclusion.

First, I haven't made the link with Danny Phantom, with the whole historical pudding and the transgenders element, which, as far as I can tell, wasn't part of the amulet property. Aragon remained male when he used the amulet. Anyway, the amulet of Aragon trigger comply, though it wasn't obvious at first and I wouldn't have figured it out if it hasn't been for a friend. But the story shouldn't be about any 'Philippe' or any spedo-Character with the same first name as me, which the later is the case here.

Also, I apologies for the ban thing. But you must confess than putting socio-political elements that are a bit touchy in such a context is really flammable. Also, the 'crawny nerd' or slut girl post example aren't flattering either. All that mixed together, along with a few people that wouldn't miss the occasion to use that as a way to harass me dis make a flammable mixture.

Again, I apologies. As for the story, I suggest you try to make it less 'any Philippe' and keep it more in a now, than in a Mad Max like setting.
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