Art Policy

Shadowlord & Dragoniade Inc's content policy is designed to allow this site to showcase the best transformations and creatures artwork the net has to offer.

When posting art, you must follow the procedure described bellow. Failing to do so may result in your artwork being removed. In extreme situations, your gallery may be suspended.

Art must involves transformations, animals, creatures or monsters of any kind. Human only artworks must be limited, unless it features one of the character in the characters section or is part of a transformation.

Art should be posted individually unless part of a sequence or a progression.

  • A sequence is a series of arts following a direct continuity in theme or subject with a preceding piece. Sequences include, but are not limited to transformation progression, and frame animation.
  • A progression is a series of art done to show the process of completing a finished composition. This includes preliminary sketches, poses sheets, pre-color inked sketches, and alternate comcepts.
  • Artwork of the same character in different context or pose is not a sequence or progression.

Art should be drawn or commissioned by you.

Art featuring a 3rd party character should be credited to the character's owner. This applies most importantly to fan art. Show your respect to the original creator by respecting the character's original personality.

Art should be properly labeled for content that could be considered inappropriate, such as violence, sexuality, fetishism, etc. See the Restricted Content section for more details.

Art should be added to the right category. If a category doesn't exist, please contact one of the moderators to see if it can be added.

Transformation artwork should be categorized according to the appropriate result. More than one category can be selected.

Anything not transformation related should be categorized as a scene.

Artwork must maintain a minimum skill level. We understand not everyone is born DaVinci, but there is a minimum required. Basic anatomy must be understood and basic drawing skill must be applied. Artwork must be presented in a clean and finished manor. This means no napkin doodles. Furthermore scanning impurities from your sketches should be edited out.

Restricted Content

Art with unappropriated content are sorted in 3 categories of restricted content: Mild, Mature and Forbidden.

Mild contents are accepted without limitation and include, but is not limited to:

  • Mild, tasteful and natural nudity (Example: passive model pose)
  • Small occurrence of blood (Example: small wound, small bleeding)
  • Small vulgarity (Example: 1 or 2 swears of any language)
  • Same sex relationship (not sexual) (Example: M/M or F/F kissing)
  • Mild violence (Example: Someone getting punched)
  • Implicit heterosexual relation (Example: Mating with no reproductive organs visible.)

Mature content are accepted only if they are not the main attraction of the gallery. Therefore, they cannot exceed 10% of your gallery.

  • Unnatural nudity (Example: Human genitals on animal body; Over sized genitals)
  • Explicit sexual relation (any genders) or implicit homosexual relation (Example: Mating with the reproductive organs visible)
  • Bodily fluids (Example: Cum or vaginal dripping)
  • Disproportionate or inaccurate anatomy (Example: Reptiles with mammalian genitals or human buttocks; Non-primate with human genitals; Mismatching of anatomy on a non chimaera.
  • Mutilation (Example: Some cutting his changing limb during a transformation)
  • Racism, language discrimination, country discrimination (Example: An African slave turning to a horse based on a natural racial endowment myth)
  • Excessive gore (Example: A dragon transformation with the body)

Forbidden content are not accepted and will be deleted. Repetitive submission of forbidden content may result in the termination of your account.

  • Anything involving children and cub porns. Leave that crap to furries site like FurAffinity.
  • Usage of bad anatomy or bad porn in order to attracts fan boys or to draw attention away from the errors.
And the most important: NO aranias under any circumstance.
             a-ra-nias noun
             1. A poorly attempt at art strictly used as fan-baits. 
               An aranias is characterized by the usage of bad anatomy, mismatched anatomy, poorly sketching and abusive usage of pornography, masturbation, homosexuality.
               The artist drawing in aranias has no intention of improving oneself. The only interest is to get as much attention as possible. That person's aranias will have the same piss-poor quality, no matter how many years pass since he or she started.
               An aranias can ever try to break the threshold of acceptable by using theme such as pedophilia.
             2. A poor drawing drawn by Arania.
             3. The ideology that piss poor quantity is better than fewer quality.
             3. A fan boy with a mental disorder that believe that Arania is the Goddess of Transformation and worship her.

If you need to draw porn to attract attention, you may need to either get better or change your hobby. If you need to draw breast to represent the femininity of a specie or show the genital to represent the gender of any specie, then do more research on such anatomy.